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Tsar'Lena Sunlit

Post  Tsarlena on Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:57 am

Name: Tsarlena (Sar-lean-ah)
Other names: Tsar
Age: near 2000
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Position: Tsar of the Sunlit Scalla

Normal Form - Sunlit Scalla, Long and sinuses. Wingless with the ability to manifest wings. Scales bright in the sun, their coloration reflex that of a golden sunrise. Many tones of reds, yellows, amber, and oranges.
Two legged form most often taken - A female with thick golden-brown hair and unusually bright eyes with tri-point ears. Carries a long sword.

Only really uses her Dragon form to travel long distances, to fight things that her Elf form can't, or half transforms for protection (wings for quick get-a-way or scaled forearms to parry/block sword attacks).

She is forth-right and adventurous. Her plans are simple and usually involve fewer steps than other plans. She has a good heart though sometimes her logic is not perfect or sound.

Tsarlena fought in the Second Dragons Wars on Planet of Legends as a young dragon. Somewhere during that time she was captured in ice and frozen in the Northern Wastes on Trias. Rathamyn (pronounced Rare-the-myn... should be accent over the first 'a') and his companions rescued her. Rathamyn was her slightly older childhood friend and fought in the War as well. After being rescued and upon discovering more than eight hundred years had passed, she decided to explore POL again.

Known Abilities:
Alternate form, immunity to fire, vulnerability to cold, water breathing, able to speak with any intelligent being (universal translator).
Dragon only - Breath Weapons, Frightful / Charismatic Presence

Father - Tsar'Gosin of Tsarin's Cave
Mother - Lena'Main
Sibblings - <Names missing>
By now, all should be dead.

Other Notes:

Not finished.


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Re: Tsar'Lena Sunlit

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:56 am

When you update this profile, I shall move it to the dictionary.

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